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Terms & Conditions


1.1 acknowledges and agrees that we need to verify your identity

1.2 warrant that the Qualification Criteria remain satisfied and that the answers you gave to us during the registration process remain true and accurate as at the date of this Agreement. If at any point this information is no longer true and accurate, you must cease using the Vehicle and inform us immediately; and.

2. TERM: 

The maximum agreement term is one (1) month after which, should future hires be required, a new agreement is required. Extensions to this Agreement are strictly prohibited. Please contact us prior to the end of the Period of Hire should you wish to discuss any future hires.


3.1 We will provide the Vehicle to you as per your requirement based on its availability.

3.2 Vehicles may vary slightly from their pictures. The images of the vehicles on our website are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that a device's display of the colours accurately reflects the colour of the vehicles. Your Vehicle may vary slightly from those images.

3.3 The word "Vehicle" includes any accessories and replacements made whilst this Agreement continues.

3.4 The Vehicle shall at all times remain our property, and you shall have no right, title or interest in or to the Vehicle (save the right to enjoy possession and use of the Vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement). You must not claim ownership, assign, offer for sale or otherwise deal with the Vehicle or any interest in it. 

3.5 The Vehicle will be provided to you in a roadworthy condition and licensed. You must return the Vehicle in the same condition as provided, excepting fair wear and tear. 

3.6 Before you begin driving the Vehicle, you must inspect the exterior and interior of the Vehicle for damage, and immediately notify it to us. Failure to notify as set out in this clause shall conclusively be presumed that the Vehicle is complete and in good order and condition, fit for purpose and in every way in satisfaction to you. 

3.7 The Vehicle is provided to you inclusive of: 

(a) the ability to charge (free of charge) at home or at a public location. B:LIVE refunds the charging amount to you at the end of the hire period up to a maximum of 1200km. 

(b) maintenance of the Vehicle, being regular service or maintenance in line with manufacturer recommendations, 

(c) fully comprehensive insurance cover for you, as main hirer, and any Additional Driver(s). 


4.1 You are responsible for the Vehicle for the duration of the Period of Hire. 

4.2 The Period of Hire will start on the "Commencement Date" and, subject to the remaining terms of this Agreement, will continue for the Period of Hire i.e. _____________. Subject to clause 4.7, at the end of the Period of Hire, you must return the Vehicle to us in accordance with clause 12. 

4.3 At any time prior to the end of the Period of Hire, you may ask us to add additional services/bolt-ons (“Additional Services”) for the remainder of the Period of Hire.

4.4 Any requests for Additional Services must be submitted via our website or by email and if we agree to the modifications these will be confirmed to you in writing. This will also show any additional charges payable by you. 

4.5 If at the end of the Period of Hire, we determine that there is a difference between the contractual Mileage Allowance and actual mileage at the end of the Period of Hire, we may at our discretion apply this as a mileage credit to your B:LIVE account (“Mileage Credit”). If we award a Mileage Credit, km credited may be used towards any future vehicle hire, provided that the vehicle is of the same Tier Level. 

4.6 At the end of the Period of Hire, the previous hire information and Additional Services limits detailed in your account on the B:LIVE website will be saved as your ‘preferences’ and used as the initial selection options should you take any future hires. You can update these preferences at any time on your account page on our website. 

4.7 If you wish to take the Vehicle or a new vehicle for a new hire period, a new hire agreement is required. You should contact us before the end of the Period of Hire to discuss your requirements. Taking a new agreement does not guarantee the availability of the same vehicle or the same rental price of a vehicle, any of which may be subject to change. We will only increase our prices as a result of our own costs increasing. If you do not agree to the increased price, you do not have to take a new hire. 


5.1 You must pay the Total Rental Payable as shown hereunder and any other sums due from you to us under this Agreement by the relevant due date, including any Additional Services that you requested and were agreed to be added to your account. 

Vehicle Rental Price: __________+__________(refundable security deposit)

Additional Services Price(s):

Total Rental Payable:

5.2 Payments of all rentals and other charges incurred under the Agreement will be charged to the payment card saved in your account. You must maintain valid credit and/or debit cards on your B:LIVE account and we will not be liable for any fees you incur from your bank or credit supplier associated with going overdrawn or exceeding your credit limit. 

5.3 Total Rental Payment: 

5.3.1 The Total Rental Payment will be taken on the date of the Agreement

5.3.2 In any event, the Total Rental Payable must be paid prior to the Commencement Date. We will use payment card pre-authorization to reserve any amount owed to us up to seven days before a payment is actually due. During this pre-authorization period, you will not have access to the reserved funds in your account. If we cannot pre-authorize the required amount three days before your Commencement Date then we reserve the right to terminate the Agreement and, if we do not proceed, cancellation charges may apply. 

5.4 Security Deposit 

5.4.1 The Security Deposit of Rs. _____________/- (if applicable), must be paid on the date of the Agreement.

5.4.2 Following the return of the Vehicle any charges applicable under this Agreement will be deducted first from your Security Deposit before any remaining (if any) funds are returned to you. 

5.5 Charges/Other Payments: 

5.5.1 You must pay for, toll charges, parking, traffic, vehicle impounding due to driver fault or other fines and charges and related administration and processing fees, if due in accordance with this Agreement. Any fine incurred by you but not paid or recovered later by authorities will be chargeable to you, even after the vehicle has been returned. We will be constantly monitoring traffic violations on government websites, and we will collect all fines from you on actuals. 

5.5.2 Save as provided in clause 13.1 and 14.2, any charges applied to the Agreement will be notified to you in writing and payment will be taken from your authorised payment card (that is linked to your account) seven ( 7 ) calendar days following notification. 

5.5.3 As mentioned in clause 3.7, the Vehicle includes free charging.

5.6 GST: 

5.6.1 All rentals, fees and charges detailed in this Agreement include GST at the rate which is current at the date of this Agreement. If the rate of GST has changed at the time the rental, fee or charge becomes payable (as applicable), the rental, fee or charge will be increased or decreased to reflect such change. 


6.1 Vehicle delivery and collection services are included as part of the Agreement. Your Vehicle will be delivered to you on the Commencement Date free of charge. 

6.2 If our supply of the Vehicle is delayed by an event outside our control, then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may contact us to end the contract and receive a full refund. 



7.1 Insurance 

7.1.1 We are responsible for maintaining appropriate insurance cover for the Vehicle. Mechanical defects in the Vehicle are not covered by our insurance. You must report these to our customer service team on

7.2 Care and Use of the Vehicle 

7.2.1 Reasonable care and skill

You must take reasonable care of the Vehicle including using reasonable care and skill when using the Vehicle, keeping the Vehicle in good repair and condition, using the Vehicle according to the laws of the country in which you are driving, using the Vehicle in a lawful manner and for lawful purposes, locking the Vehicle when you are not using it and ensuring that all openings are properly closed, refraining from using the vehicle (if not safe to do so) and notifying us immediately if you become aware of a fault with the Vehicle. 

Please see below the rules related to Prohibited Use. 

At any time during the Period of Hire, you must not: 

(a) Use the Vehicle off-road, or for racing, pacemaking, testing the vehicle's reliability or speed, for teaching someone to drive or in connection with motor rallies, competitions or trials. 

(b) Use the vehicle on a safari or an off-road adventure trail. 

(c) Use the Vehicle for hire and reward or other business use, unless such business use amounts only to occasional commuting use. 

(d) Use a premium Vehicle (as identified on our website) if you are under the age of 30. 

(e) Allow the Vehicle to run out of charge. 

(f) Tow any trailer or other vehicle. 

(g) Drive under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication under the effects of which the operation of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended. 

(h) Use the Vehicle in the carrying out of any crime or for any other illegal activity or purpose. 

(i) Use the Vehicle in an imprudent, negligent, or abusive manner or any other abnormal use of the Vehicle. 

(j) Allow any other person to drive the Vehicle or use your B:LIVE account. 

(k) Drive the Vehicle in any country outside of India without our written permission 

(l) Carry more passengers than the designed seating capacity of the Vehicle. 

(m) Carry, or permit anyone to carry, baggage or other items that would cause the Vehicle to be overloaded. 

(n) Carry or transport, or to permit anyone to carry or transport, any hazardous, toxic, flammable, dangerous or illegal materials on the Vehicle. 

(o) Ride whilst using a mobile communication device that may distract you from driving, including riding while texting, emailing, using a cell phone without a hands-free device or otherwise engaging in similar activities that may be prohibited by applicable law. 

(p) Smoke or permit anyone to smoke while on the Vehicle. 

(q) Carry pets, or permit anyone to carry pets, on the Vehicle

(r) You must not disconnect the Vehicle from the internet. 

(s) Disconnect any manufacturer safety features.


7.2.2 Keeping the Vehicle secure

You must keep the Vehicle in your possession and under your day-to-day control. You must store the Vehicle in a secure location when you are not driving it and keep it locked at all times when you are not inside it. 


7.2.3 Remain in INDIA

You must not allow the Vehicle to be taken outside of India without our prior written consent. The vehicle package insurance does not cover travel outside of INDIA, as such an Additional Service of travel cover for outside INDIA will be required. 


7.2.4 Unauthorized third parties

 You must not allow any third party who is not an Additional Driver to use the Vehicle. 

7.2.5 Personal Belongings

Personal belongings left in the Vehicle remain your responsibility at all times and we accept no liability for such. 


8.1 You must notify the police immediately and us within 48 hours if the Vehicle has been involved in an accident or damage event, even if no third party was involved. You can notify us by calling our customer service team on ___________________. Failure to notify us within 48 hours may result in you being liable for the losses we incur as a result of the delay. If you are involved in an accident or collision, you must follow the Accidents and Collisions Procedure as mentioned below:

In the event of an accident or collision, you must complete our incident report form and obtain the following information: 

(a) date, time, and place of accident or collision; 

(b) the number plates of any other vehicles involved, their make and year, the vehicle identification number (serial number), and the insurance certificate's number (with name, address and phone number of the insurance agent); 

(c) the names, addresses, and driver's licence numbers of the persons involved in the accident; 

(d) the name, address, and driver's licence number of the owner of the vehicle (if he or she is not the driver);

 (e) the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses, passengers, and any other involved persons;

 (f) photographs of the vehicles involved, their damage and of the overall accident scene 

(g) the circumstances of the accident. You must let us have this information as soon as possible, and in any event within 48 hours of the incident occurring, otherwise, you may be liable for the losses we incur as a result of the delay. Depending upon the severity of the accident or collision, you may also be required to fill out and obtain an official police report form, and, if possible, provide a jointly agreed-upon statement. You must provide to us and any other claims adjustment service the findings of any report or any notice relating to a claim or a lawsuit against us regarding any accident or collision involving a Vehicle. You agree to cooperate fully with us in the investigation and defence of any claim or legal action relating to the accident or collision. We will provide you with a courtesy vehicle whilst the damaged Vehicle is being repaired. We make no guarantee that this courtesy vehicle will be an electric vehicle and you will not be eligible for the reimbursement of any fuel costs incurred by you. We reserve the right to suspend your ability to hire Vehicles whilst any investigation is ongoing.


 8.2 You are responsible for costs as provided in clause 5.5, (excluding any reasonable fair wear and tear), whether or not such loss or damage is your fault. 


8.3 If the Vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged you must, to the extent the law allows, pay our Insurance Excess and any taxes. Your excess will not apply in circumstances set out in clauses 8.5 to 8.7. 

8.4 We will try to recover the excess and other charges from the party at fault if you are able to show that the damage, theft or loss is not attributable to your fault, deliberate breach, fraudulence or gross negligence. To help us, you must provide us with a properly completed incident report form, including the contact details of the other parties involved, within 48 hours of the accident. 

8.5 If you breach this Agreement, or if one of our insurer’s exclusions apply (please refer to clause 7.2.1 for our insurer’s significant exclusions), our insurance may be invalidated. If this occurs, you shall be liable to us for all damage that occurs to the Vehicle during the Period of Hire. You may also be liable to any third parties that have been injured or suffered property damage, as a result of your negligence. 

8.6 Your excess will not apply if the loss or damage is attributable to your deliberate or fraudulent act, omission or gross negligence or a deliberate breach of clause 7 and/or this clause 8. If your excess does not apply, we will be entitled to claim losses or damages against you in an amount equal to the severity of the negligence up to the full amount of the damage or loss we have incurred or will incur (whichever is the greater). 

8.7 Please note that tire damage and wheel damage (including alloy wheels) is not covered by our insurance and you are therefore liable for tire damage and wheel damage beyond reasonable wear and tear. 


9.1 We may end the agreement immediately if: 

9.1.1 we are not able to complete our Hirer checks to our satisfaction or if our checks show that we cannot do business with you or are otherwise inconclusive. 

9.1.2 we are not able to pre-authorize an amount you owe to us on your payment card at least 72 hours before the relevant payment is due; 

9.1.3 you, or an Additional Driver, cease to meet our Qualification Criteria at any point; 

9.1.4 you, or an Additional Driver, have given us any information, in relation to this Agreement or any agreement we may have with you, which we have reasonable grounds to believe is false or misleading in a material respect; 

9.1.5 you, or an Additional Driver, breach the Prohibited Use Rules, contained in clause 7.2.1, at any point; 

9.1.6 the mileage allowance is exceeded by 250 km or more during the Period of Hire; 

9.1.7 you or an Additional Driver are involved in a traffic collision, or the Vehicle is stolen or vandalized and we need to investigate; 

9.1.8 you or an Additional Driver receives more than three fines/penalties of the type described (without limitation) in clause 13.2 during the Period of Hire;

9.1.9 you, or an Additional Driver, allow any third party not authorized by us to use the Vehicle; or

 9.1.10 we find out that any of your belongings have been taken away from you until you pay off your debts; 

9.1.11 a petition for your bankruptcy is presented, a bankruptcy order is made against you, or you enter into any voluntary arrangement with your creditors; 

9.1.12 we have reasonable grounds for believing that our interest in the Vehicle is at risk or any step which prejudices our ownership or rights in respect of the Vehicle is attempted or taken; 

9.1.13 you abandon the Vehicle; or 

9.1.14 you are in material breach of any of the terms of this Agreement or any other terms and conditions relating to your account and where capable of remedy you fail to rectify the breach. 


10.1 You must pay us immediately on-demand: 

10.1.1 all amounts that have already fallen due under the Agreement, but which have not been paid; 

10.1.2 our costs of repairing the Vehicle and restoring it to good condition and enforcing our rights under the Agreement; 

10.1.3 any costs, fines, charges and expenses incurred by us as a result of your breach of this Agreement (as shown in clause 13); and 

10.1.4 if the Vehicle is, for any reason, not returned to or recovered by us, a sum equal to the residual value of the Vehicle (such sum to be determined by us). 

10.2 You will no longer have the right to keep the Vehicle and you must return the Vehicle to us in accordance with clause 12. 


11.1 In the event that you request to end the Agreement before the Commencement Date, we may consider, at our absolute discretion, refunds of the Total Rental Payment made. However, if you cancel the Hire Agreement within 48 hours of the Commencement Date, we may not refund you any payment or delivery charges (if applicable) paid, as we are likely to incur costs associated with moving the Vehicle, parking it, and being unable to make it available to other customers. 

11.2 We may at our discretion, allow you to end the hiring of the Vehicle during the Period of Hire by giving us not less than seven (7) days’ notice. You can notify us via the B:LIVE website, or by calling us on the number detailed at clause 19 below. If we agree to your early termination you will no longer have the right to keep the Vehicle and you must arrange to return the Vehicle to us within seven (7) days from the date of your early termination. The Vehicle must be returned to us in accordance with clause 12, and you must pay to us immediately on request all amounts detailed in clause 10.1. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no refund of rentals due to you. 

11.3 As this is a consumer hire agreement for vehicle hire at a specific time, you do not have a right to change your mind and cancel the Agreement (or any ancillary Additional Services that are part of the Hire Agreement) once we have entered into it. However, we may be able to consider cancellation requests before your Period of Hire starts on a case-by-case basis in accordance with clause 12.1. 


12.1 Upon expiry of the Period of Hire or such earlier termination in accordance with this Agreement, the Vehicle must be collected by us. 

12.2 On collection, you must make sure that: 

12.2.1 the interior and exterior of the Vehicle are clean; 

12.2.2 the Vehicle has a minimum of 60% charge; 

12.2.3 you have complied with your obligations as to the care and use of the Vehicle. This will be checked when the Vehicle is inspected. In particular, the purpose of the inspection will be to check: 

(a) whether there is any damage which, in our reasonable opinion, is in excess of fair wear and tear ( as determined by B:LIVE’s Guidelines having regard to age and mileage); 

(b) that the Vehicle is being returned in a similar level of cleanliness in which you hired it; 

(c) that the Vehicle is being returned with all documentation and parts as originally supplied with the Vehicle; 

(d) that the Vehicle is being returned with (where applicable) the spare wheel, tools, master key or key card (if applicable), electric vehicle charge card(s) and all accessories as originally supplied; and 

(e) that the Vehicle is being returned free of any added extras or modifications. 


12.3 You are responsible for any loss, damage, cleaning or charges as a result of your breach of this Agreement, whether or not such loss, damage or charge is your fault. 


12.4 When making the Vehicle ready for collection, you must park the Vehicle appropriately, put the Vehicle on charge (if a charging point is available, place the charge cards and the key card (if applicable) in the glove compartment, and properly lock the Vehicle. 

12.5 Please do not leave any belongings in the Vehicle after the end of the Agreement. If you do, we will send any of your personal effects that are found in the Vehicle as soon as we reasonably can to your address last known to us (subject to a charge payable in advance for our reasonable costs of delivering these items to you). Alternatively, you may collect these personal effects from us at a place of our choosing free of charge. We shall have no liability to you for any loss you may incur in relation to such personal effects. In any event, we will hold belongings for a period of three months before disposing of them or donating them to charity, at our discretion. 

12.6 If you fail to return the Vehicle or make it available for collection upon expiry or early termination of this Agreement, then you shall pay to us all reasonable and direct costs we incur due to any delays in return or in us having to collect the Vehicle due to your breach of this Agreement, including the costs in us relocating, repossessing and inspecting the Vehicle. You irrevocably authorize us to enter upon your premises to collect the Vehicle under this clause. 


13.1 You must pay for any costs or charges incurred by us during the Period of Hire (whether or not these were incurred due to a third party, such as an Additional Driver). You must also pay our administrative fee to cover our time in dealing with these costs and charges. 

13.2 Fines, Charges, Recovery, Towing and Driving Offences - You are responsible for paying all fines, penalties, toll/congestion and such other items incurred by you or any Additional Drivers using the Vehicle during the Period of Hire. 

13.3 Mileage charge - If the mileage allowance as detailed on page 1 (inclusive of the mileage allowance of any applicable bolt-on) is exceeded, any additional mileage is charged depending on the relevant Tier Level your Vehicle sits in, as follows: 

(a) Tier 1 (Small): 2 Rupees per additional km 

(b) Tier 2 (Large): 8 Rupees per additional km 10.4 Loss, damage or condition. 

13.4 You are responsible for any loss, damage, cleaning or charges as a result of your breach of this Agreement, whether or not such loss, damage or charge is your fault. In addition, please also see clause 8 and 12. 


14.1 You are responsible for ensuring that any additional drivers you have added to the Agreement or any passengers that you allow in the Vehicle observe the terms of this Agreement. You are responsible for any costs or charges we incur because an additional driver or passenger(s) does not comply. 

14.2 Your excess may not apply if the loss or damage is because of the additional driver’s or passengers deliberate or fraudulent act, omission or gross negligence or deliberate breach of clauses 6 and 7. 


15.1 If you have any questions or complaints about your Vehicle or otherwise, please contact us. You can telephone our customer service team at _____________ or write to us at or the postal address at ______________________________________. 

15.2 If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 30 working days, you can write to our Founder at _________________________.


16.1 We will track your Vehicle for security reasons and collect other personal information from you during the Period of Hire (see also clause 16.3 below). We will also collect other personal information from you during our relationship. You must read our privacy notice and cookie policy for full details on how we will use the personal information we collect from you. 

16.2 If the terms of this Agreement are broken, we can pass your personal information to credit reference agencies, debt collectors, the police or any relevant organization which can share your personal information with its members to prevent crime and protect their assets, as allowed under data privacy legislation. 

16.3 We may use telematics to track certain aspects of your driving. This information will be used to allocate you with a score (“Driver Score”). Whilst a Driver Score will never be used as a basis for us terminating the Agreement, a poor Driver Score may trigger a further investigation into your driving and treatment of the Vehicle. If this investigation finds that you have breached this Agreement, or the Vehicle is at risk then we may terminate the Agreement and collect the Vehicle. 


17.1 This Agreement is personal to you. You may not transfer your rights and obligations under it to any other person. We may transfer or assign any of our rights and/or responsibilities under this Agreement to any other person and at any time. 

17.2 We may decide, from time to time, not to enforce some or all of our rights under this Agreement. If we do this, we will not be prevented from subsequently enforcing those or other rights. 

17.3 We shall not be liable to you for any failure to perform, or delay in performing, any of our obligations under this Agreement if and to the extent that the failure is caused by force majeure (to include without limitation any act of God, war, fire, flood, explosion, civil commotion, terrorism and counter-terrorism). The time for performance of an obligation that is affected by force majeure shall be extended by a period that reflects the impact of the delay caused by the force majeure. 

17.4 If any term or provision of this Agreement shall to any extent be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining terms or provisions (and any other application of the said terms and provisions) shall not in any way be affected or impaired as a result. 

17.5 No modification, amendment or variation to the Agreement shall be effective or binding on us unless it is in writing and signed by us and you.

17.6 This Agreement is governed by the laws of India and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in legal courts of India. 

17.7 The parties mutually agree that in case of any dispute or claim (hereinafter referred to as dispute) arising out of or relating to this contract the parties shall first engage in a good faith negotiation to resolve the dispute. In case the dispute is not settled within 14 days, it shall be referred to mediation at an Institution providing mediation services that is agreeable to all the parties at _________, India. In the event the parties are unable to resolve such dispute within 14 days of commencement of the mediation, which time limit is extendable by mutual agreement, then the parties agree that the dispute will be submitted for resolution to binding arbitration determined by us. The place of arbitration will be (__________, India) and the language of arbitration shall be English. All litigation, if any , will be in law courts in ____________, India. 


18.1 You can contact us by telephoning our customer service team at __________ or by writing to us at 

18.2 If we have to contact you, we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address or postal address you provided to us when you registered for our service. When we use the words "writing" or "written" in this Agreement, this includes emails and communication via the B:LIVE website.


Appendix 1 

Fair Wear and Tear Guide 

Our Fair Wear and Tear guide provides guidance to riders about looking after a B:LIVE vehicle whilst on hire. This guide will detail what we will accept as Fair Wear and Tear.

 Fair Wear and Tear is when normal usage causes acceptable deterioration to a vehicle. 

B:LIVE will review deterioration in the condition of the vehicle by considering the age, mileage and whether the vehicle has been looked after sufficiently. 

 Fair wear and tear should not be confused with damage, which occurs as a result of a specific event or series of events, such as impact, inappropriate stowing of items, harsh treatment, or negligent acts.


 Advice for members during hire: 

B:LIVE will take care of organizing routine servicing and maintenance, including, road tax and insurance and our 24hr phoneline is the first point of contact for any issues (including accidents). 


As a Driver you should:

  • Use, maintain and look after the vehicle in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's guidelines. 

  • Report any faults, damage or issues with the vehicle as soon as possible using our 24hr phoneline.

  • Personal Number Plates: We do not allow for user’s to fit a vehicle with personal number plates.


Advice for members on the day of vehicle return: 

  • On the day the vehicle is returned, it must be in a safe and roadworthy condition with all equipment, accessories and documentation present. 

  • Ensure all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle, 

  • Remove any personal information from the vehicles (connected phones etc…). 

  • Inspect the vehicle paintwork, vehicle body, mirrors and lamps. Ensure you send over/report any evidence to B:LIVE if you have identified any faults or damage which fall outside of our Fair Wear & Tear guidelines. 

  • To inspect the vehicle accurately we recommend the vehicle exterior/interior is cleaned. 

End of Subscription Charges:

  • If we find any damage, faults or issues that arise out of negligent driving, forceful driving that do not fall within our accepted fair wear & tear guide we will advise on charges no later than four weeks after the vehicle was returned. 

  • If damage outside of fair wear and tear is repaired, we will provide a summary breakdown of the charges including repair cost when available. 

  • Charges can still be applied at the end of a subscription in cases where B:LIVE has decided for commercial reasons not to repair damage or to replace missing equipment immediately, but instead before we remove the vehicle from our fleet. 

  • This Fair Wear and Tear Guide applies to all vehicles under B:LIVE’s fleet. 


B:LIVE Fair Wear & Tear Standard 

General Appearance and road safety 

  • All electronic safety features must be in working order. 

  • There should be no rust or corrosion on any part of the bodywork, trim of the vehicle, or on the alloy wheels. 

  • The vehicle must be roadworthy, and no warning lights should be illuminated. 

  • There should be sufficient battery level of at least 80%. 

  • Any repairs made to the vehicle before its return must be to a professional standard by repairers approved by B:LIVE or our insurance company so that the repairers can provide a full warranty on their work. 



  • All vehicle documentation must be intact and available, including vehicle manual, or any other documentation supplied with the vehicle. 

Paintwork, vehicle body: 

  • There should be no rust, corrosion or discolouration on any painted area, including body mouldings and mirrors. 

  • Obvious evidence of poor repair, such as flaking paint, preparation marks, paint contamination, rippled finish or poorly matched paint, is not acceptable. 


  • Dents of 15mm or less in diameter are acceptable provided there are no more than two per panel and the paint surface is not broken. 

  • Chips with dents are not acceptable. 


Surface scratches of 25mm or less where the primer or bare metal is not showing are acceptable provided they can be polished out. A maximum of 2 surface scratches on one panel is acceptable. 


Badges, emblems and labels 

  • Badges, emblems, labels, logos and advertising livery applied by the user to the bodywork of the vehicle should be removed before returning the vehicle. 

  • Any damage caused by fitting or removing badges, emblems, labels, logos and advertising livery, including faded paintwork, is not acceptable. 

  • Vehicle manufacture badges should not be removed or broken. 


Lamps and lenses 

  • All lamps and lamp units must work. Minor scuff marks or scratches of 15mm or less are acceptable. 

  • Holes or cracks in the glass or plastic covers of lamp units are not acceptable. 


Vehicle touchscreen, dash, digital screen and any other screens located on the the vehicle: 

  • All screens, digital, dash board and any other screens located on the vehicle must have no scratches, cracks, dents, discolorations and must work correctly in the manner that it was delivered to you. 

  • Scratches, cracks, dent and discolorations of any screen is not acceptable. 


Tire and wheels: Tire wear and damage 

  • All tires, including any spare, must meet minimum legal requirements and comply with the vehicle manufacturer.

  • B:LIVE must be contacted if the tire tread has gone below the legal limit, whilst the vehicle is in an active subscription. 

  • B:LIVE will replace the vehicle tire ‘Free of charge’ if the tyre tread has come to or near the legal limit, where the tyre has been worn within manufacturers timeline, and not from excessive acceleration or braking. 

  • Tire puncture repairs are not included and if a tire technician deems a tire unfit for use or unrepairable the tire will have to be replaced and will be charged. 

  • B:LIVE cannot confirm on every occasion the cost of a replacement tire or tire puncture repair as this is variable and could depend on call out fees and other factors outside of our control. 

  • The cost will be confirmed after the work has been completed and will be communicated via email.

  • We have a strict safety policy so we do not permit the replacement or repair of any tyres with unknown suppliers outside our supplier network. 

  • There must be no damage to sidewalls or tread. 

  • Evidence of uneven wear due to under-or over-inflation is not acceptable 

  • If it is found that tyres have been changed without B:LIVE’s permission, a charge will be applied for a new tyre, as the type/make of tyre has to be specified by B:LIVE so that the vehicle meets safety requirements. 

  • Wheels and wheel trims Dents on wheel rims and wheel trims are not acceptable. Scuffs up to 5cm (50mm) on the total circumference of the wheel trim and on alloy wheels are acceptable. 

  • Any damage to the wheel spokes, wheel fascia, or hub of the alloy wheel is not acceptable. 

  • There should be no rust or corrosion on the alloy wheels. 

  • The emergency tyre inflation kit, if supplied when new, should be in full working order, serviceable and ready for use. 

  • A canister that has been partially or fully discharged should be reported to B:LIVE, and we will arrange a replacement. 


Mechanical condition: 

  • Any error messages should be reported to B:LIVE immediately via email. If unreported warning signs have not been reported and found when the vehicle is returned, depending on the issue, if it is an issue related to negligence you may be liable for the cost. If the issue relates to a manufacturer's warranty repair, we will not attempt to recover any cost. 

  • If a vehicle has been used in a negligent manner and this has caused any mechanical issue, B:LIVE will look to apply a charge for the repair against the hirer, if a main dealer can support this claim. 

  • Any evidence of mechanical tampering / or replacement without B:LIVE’s permission will result in account termination and a full investigation to claim all fees related to restoring the vehicle to original condition. 


Any impact damage to the underside of the vehicle is not acceptable. 

Seat originally supplied must be present. Interior fittings such as seat belts, rearview mirrors, courtesy lights, sun visors, door bins, etc, must be present, intact and free of damage. 

Accessories such as parcel shelves, load covers, boot liners, restraining straps and floor mats must be present in the vehicle if it was supplied at collection. 

Equipment and controls All original equipment, accessories and controls must be present and functioning correctly including but not exclusively, SD cards, Bluetooth and other integrated systems. 

All original fitted electrical equipment, including reversing cameras, adaptive speed control, speed limiters and lamps should be present and fully functioning. 

The dashcam (applicable to cars only) should be functioning and present, if it is found that it has been tampered with, then this would void your Hire Agreement, meaning you may be liable for the full cost of repair or damage caused. We will suspend your account if the dashcam has been replaced/tampered/stolen.

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